Frequent Asked Questions


1. Is GST included in the rates?

GST and Service Charge is non-applicable. Our rates are all-inclusive and there are no hidden/miscellaneous charges.


2. What is included in the Package?

Our Instant Print Packages include a complimentary photo template design, unlimited instant prints for your guests, range of funky props, and a storage device at the end of the event.


3. How many Print-Out do I get per photo?

MULTIPLE PRINTOUT – Multiple pieces of print-outs depending on the number of person within the photo (one print-out per person).


4. What is the minimum booth rental hours for an event?

All packages starts with 1 hour. Feel free to add-on your extra hours that suites your event. We do work for event lesser than 1 hour on a case by case basis.


5. How far in advance should we reserve a photo booth?

A 14 to 21 days notice would be ideal, this will also give us more time to provide you with great design and services. Book early to avoid disappointment !


6. What is the a photo template?

A photo template is the design that accompanies your instant print which usually features information (such as the event date/venue) and an image or logo.


7. Can a custom message/logo/picture be inserted on the photo template?

Yes, you can add a personalized message, graphics or logos in any of the services. It will need to be provided before the event date.


8. How do I proceed with the photo template design?

All the design work will be done by our in-house designer, you just need to advise us if you need certain information, image or logo to be included in the design. If you wish to design your own photo template, we will send you detailed instructions (with samples template) on how to customize your photo's design template.


9. How long does the design process take?

Upon returning us the design requirements, it takes up to 5 working days for your first draft. The entire process should take no more than 10 working days.


10. How is the quality of the instant print photos?

As we are using an industrial dye-sublimation thermal printer, the quality will be superiour than that of consumer inkjet/photo printer.


11. How long does it take for a print?

Our industrial-grade high-speed printer takes up to 7.9 seconds for a single 4R size print. Our Print-Out is also resistance fingerprints.


12. Are the instant photos the same as polaroids?

Not really. Instant print photos are the modern replacement for polaroids. Using dye-sublimation, the photo quality is more superior and comparable to the photos developed in the photo labs. Moreover, the photo quality taken by a professional camera is way better than a point and shoot polaroid


13. Can I get a soft copy of the instant prints?
A thumbdrive with all the high-res prints will be provided at the end of your event. You can also download it online at the dropbox link that will be given to you.


14. How many crew members are there usually in a team?

Depending on the number of guests on your event, our team usually consists of 2 members — a Photographer and a Print Assistant.


15. How many photographers and printer do we need?

It depends on the scale and nature of your event. Do contact us and we will be able to advise you accordingly.


16. What is a customized backdrop and what designs are available?

It is a custom-designed backdrop which can feature any image you like. Recommended designs are images (high res image to be provided by you)or tessellated logos.


17. What are the props available?

We have a wide variety of hats, wigs, spectacle, and graphic boards. As we will add in new props constantly, please email us for photos of our latest collections. You can also requested for customised props but it will come with an extra charge.


18. How much time is needed for the set up?

We will arrive 30 minutes before the start of our coverage time, setup is less than 20 minutes for photobooth and 15 minutes for our other services.


19. How much space is required for the photobooth?

For the DSLR photobooth, we will need approximately 5m x 4m space to set up our mobile studios.

For the Instaprint photobooth, we will need approximately 3m x 2m space to set up our mobile studios.


20. What other facilities are needed for the photobooth set-up?

We will need a table(around 2m) and 2 chairs to set up our print station. We will also need a basic power outlet near the print station. We will bring our own extension cables. If props is provided, we will also need an additional 1m(Approx.) long table to place our wide range of props.


21. I wish to confirm my booking, how do I go about it?

Kindly email us at with your event date, timing, and venue. We will assist you with your booking. Alternatively you call SMS/Whatsapp/Call us at +65 9232 4084.


22. What are the available payment modes?

We accept payment by Inter-Bank Transfer/Cash/Cheque. Unfortunately we currently do not accept credit card payments at the moment.


23. I have other questions that I would like to clarify/discuss. How do I contact you?

You may email us ( or Call/Whatsapp/SMS us at +65 9232 4084.


24. When/where can I meet you?

Please contact us to arrange for a meet-up session for hard copies of the sample Print-Out, or to clarify our doubts if needed. We will meet you at a convinent location and timing.


25. Why Precious Moments?

We pledge to make Precious Moments last, and at an afforadable price. We offer you quality service making your every single cents spent here worth it, be it for yourself, for others, or for your business.